Jim and Tim co-host the shindig. For questions just e-mail one of them. (For directions please contact Fusion brew 309-454-9300)



8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Roger Hunt

    Enjoyed the jam on Saturday and look forward to attending again.

    Could you send me the password so I may download music?

    Thanks, Roger Hunt

  2. Rhonda Flottmann

    Hi! Me and my dad/mom will be coming to the next jam on Feb 1. We’ve looked at the music…have a few questions:
    1) can you tell us the names of a few songs that will likely definitely be played so we can work on them a bit beforehand? There are so many of them.
    2) we will each bring one song of our own to share…how many people normally come so we can bring enough copies?

    Rhonda Flottmann (with Bill & Millie Flottmann)

    • Rhonda Flottmann

      weather keeping us from coming today…hope to make it next month!
      – Rhonda, Bill & Millie

  3. Chuck Proesel

    The group was wondering if the Jam would be held on July 4? Please post on the Jam page and perhaps Ukeeku site to let people know if they should show up on the 4th or 11th.

    Chuck Proesel

    • No Jam July 4th since fusion is closed for the holiday.
      You guys can meet July 11th if you like. Fusion is cool with it.

  4. Clay

    I am just starting playing the ukulele and was curious if you have any recommendations on lessons

    • is a great place to start. Depending on what you are looking for, lessons at your local shop may be awesome. If you want masters level. Find teachers online.

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